Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas here at the Adams' house.  The kids were in heaven decorating the tree, making and delivering treats, and waiting for Santa to visit.  Please be sure to note Oliver's new way of saying "cheese" to the camera.

Eme loved her little baby doll from Nana the most out of all her presents.  I was sort of surprised, since she already has about seven...  :)  Oliver has had the most fun playing with a Mr. Potato Head that we got at Disney.  Ryan and I got the best present EVER.  (Thank you again Peggy).  We got gift cards for restaraunts so that we can go out on some dates.  I almost cried!

Gabriel had a list about two miles long of things that he wanted Santa to bring.  I was very relieved when on Christmas morning all he could say was, "This is exactly what I wanted."  Even though none of the things that he got were on his list for Santa, he was still very very grateful.

This year I am so thankful for the birth of our Savior.  More so than past years.  When I wished people a "Merry Christmas" I realized that I was vocally praising the Lord for His willingness to come to the Earth as a newborn baby.  I have really been pondering His life here on earth.  I have come to realize and appreciate how willing He was to come here for us.  He lived his life as an example to all who would notice.  He willingly GAVE his life so that we might live with Him and our Father in Heaven.  What an amazing gift He has given for each of us.  I would just like to say, "This is exactly what I wanted!" 

Monday, December 22, 2008


We had a really fun time at our ward christmas party.  The kids think it's like some kind of fairy tale world when we have a party at the church.  They can run and play and no one tells them to fold their arms and be reverent!

Gabriel and Eme both loved visiting with Santa.  Gabriel took his santa letter with him and whipped it out of his hat once he got onto Santa's lap.  Santa looked at me in shock!  Oliver (of course) would have nothing to do with Santa.  He was too scary.  Oh well.  Maybe next year.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Monday Monday

My entire life I have heard the songs relating all the evils of Monday.  I think they had it very wrong.  On Monday I am usually still on a spiritual high from my Sabbath day experience.  The world seems lovely and rosey.  And then comes the REAL day that these songs should be lamenting.  THURSDAY.  Thursday is my own personal Monday.  I am generally worn out and ready for a break, but it is not to be had....yet.  It is days like this that I truly feel at war for my very salvation.  I have a very real sense of Satan's attempts to influence my life.  I think that today.....I won.

Luckily for my children and everyone else I associated with today, I had a Primary music CD playing in my car.  Throughout this day of absolute craziness I would climb into the car weary, worn, and irritated.  But then I would hear the music and the sweet words of hope and joy offered up in loving worship to our Savior and my heart would find peace again.  It was the most amazing blessing that I have ever received.   If I can win this war on a Thursday....I can win it any day....with help of course.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Learning Something New

So......thanks to Carrie, I am now trying to be the coupon girl.  I am grateful to her for introducing me to this endeavor, but I am a little miffed that she didn't tell me about it until she was leaving. I am.

I am just beginning, but I think that I am doing pretty well.  Here is my latest shopping adventure.

I went to two different stores (Publix and Kroger).  Here are some of the things that I got.  "After" includes sales and coupons.

Brown Sugar - before $1.69 after $.89
4 lb. white sugar - before $2.49 after $1.79
Pure vanilla extract - before $8.99 after $4.39
Yeast - before $1.99 after $.40
Spaghetti Sauce - before $1.79 after $.01
Apples - before $7.19 after $2.91
Progresso soup - before $2.39 after $1.00

I won't bore you with my entire grocery list.  But the point is that I got $67.25 worth of groceries and paid $26.22.  

I think I did pretty well for a beginner.  And the best part is that this shopping trip contributed quite a bit to my food storage.

Thanks Carrie.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I have been cleaning my house for the past three days.  I am attempting to get it spotless and beautiful.  I sometimes feel like my house is my fourth child.  Every time I turn my back, it gets messy it could sense I wasn't watching.  And those certain things that are dishes and laundry...they sneak up on me and yell, "But you aren't finished yet!"  I want to yell back, "Stop getting dirty!"  Haven't you ever had the thought...."If no one wore any more clothes, I wouldn't have to do any more laundry."  Or, "I could spend my husband's entire paycheck on paper plates and plastic forks.  That's not bad right?"

But even though my fourth child is very very naughty.  I am still thankful for it.  I never thought that we would own a house this nice.  It was given to us by the Lord and I will never forget what a blessing it was to find it. 

SOOOOOO...I am still cleaning.

As for my other children, this is what they were doing today.  They went outside with me to feed the rabbits, and (of course) decided to play in the puddle by our back door.  Then we came inside so that I could clean THEM.  Isn't rain fun?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Disney World

We had a FANTASTIC time at Disney World. The weather was absolutely beautiful.  (Good for pictures.)  Eme and Gabriel LOVED meeting all of the characters.  Eme hugged and kissed everyone that she could.

Oliver liked them from far away, but wasn't too keen on being close unless Daddy was there with him.

Gabriel was only interested in meeting "boy" characters that were "cool".
Gabriel also got to ride lots of the rides.  He just barely met the height requirement for the "big kid" rides, he was SO excited.  He went on Splash Moutain, Space Mountain, Tower of Terror, and Everest.  He was a little scared, but he did a great job and loved it!

Special thanks to Daylyn for getting us in and letting us crash at her house!  And for her sake, please be kind to the characters.  It may be someone you know!
And thanks to Mom for helping us go.  We had so much fun.

I tried to narrow down the pictures.  There are (LOTS AND LOTS!)  If for some reason you are interested in seeing ALL of them, you can go to my gallery.   Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Elder Wirthlin

Our prayers are with the family of Elder Wirthlin.  I am so thankful for him and for his selfless service to the church.  I rejoice in his reunion with his wife and family who have already passed on.  Here is a link to the church's newsroom (or to the left) if you would like more information about Elder Wirthlin.