Sunday, April 26, 2009

Easter Clothes

I FINALLY took pictures of the kids in their Easter outfits.  If I waited much longer they would probably have a growth spurt and I would be out of luck.

There are lots...I had a really hard time choosing.  I hope you like them.  I think they turned out great.  The kids did a really great job.

Monday, April 20, 2009


So, I realize that I am complete blogslacker.  It's not because I haven't had anything to blog about....I just haven't been feeling witty or motivated.  But here I am, finally.  I know you missed me.
These are our latest adventures at the Adams' house.

I tell myself every year that I am not going to bother coloring easter eggs.  I convince myself that it's too much of a mess.  I reason that we are not going to do anything with them.  I tell myself that the kids really don't care.  And then, when Easter begins to shine upon me....I give in.  You just can't have Easter without coloring eggs.

Besides, the kids LOVE it.

Oliver was in complete and total heaven.  
He thought he was one of the big kids.

Eme was, as always, ecstatic to do anything.

Here are their eggs.  I was a little worried at how brown eggs would take the dye.  But as you can see, they turned out really great.

Here's Eme being VERY proud of the end result.

And here is Ryan's idea of a hilarious picture.

Gabriel is always such a ham when he gets in front of the camera.  
I have no idea where he gets THAT from.

This is Oliver yelling "EGGS!"

After church the "Easter Bunny" (a.k.a Daddy) stole the eggs from the refrigerator and it was the kids "mission" to recover all of the stolen eggs.
"Hmmm....where to look...."

The Easter Bunny thought he was very clever hiding the eggs in the chickens nests.



"Let me help you Oliver!"

I have completely given up on the idea that I might get ALL three kids to look and smile at the same time for a picture.

We got close....

Bunny Cake

When I was little my mom would make an easter bunny cake EVERY year.  It is one of the quintessential images of Easter for me.  However, I am not a big cake I haven't made one since I got married and moved out.

But this year Gabriel came to me and said,
"Mom, can we make a bunny cake for Easter?"
"Sure Gabriel."
"I want it to have big ears and a big bow tie!"

Hmmm....I have no idea how he came up with the idea, because I don't think that he has ever seen one before....but at least I knew exactly how to make it.  And here it is....

Eme HAD to have chocolate, so we ended up with a brown bunny.  
It really turned out to be a lot of fun.

Be sure to check out my Easter post.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sweet Girly Girl

This was so sweet that I just had to share it.  I complain about Eme a lot, but she really is a very sweet little girl.

For those of you who may not know, Ryan raises rats and mice as feeders for snakes and other reptiles.  These are the joys of my life....
Anyway, today Eme was helping Ryan pull all the little pinkies out so that he could freeze them before sending them to the pet store.  Eme LOVES all animals and has a great talent for handling them.  So, picture my sweet little Eme with a handful of baby mice....

Eme:  Why you gonna freeze them Dad?
Ryan:  So the snakes can eat them.
Eme begins to tear up.
Eme:  But their mommies will be so sad!

She ran inside sobbing to me that all the baby mice were gone.
This nearly broke poor Ryan, who is not an emotional sort of guy.  He said that he nearly put some of them back so that Eme wouldn't be so upset.  

I've never known someone more compassionate than Emelia.  
She will be a great woman someday.